Streets of Philadelphia: Photography From 1970 to 1985

print_center_logoI love the Philadelphia Print Center. I love the feel and look of the place, as well as the work they show. Knowing where it is in the 1700 block of Latimer Street near Rittenhouse Square gives me another great destination when I find myself strolling in that area of town. Admission is always free, and it becomes another place I can take friends when I’m giving them ‘the tour.’

Currently, they’re showing an exhibit entitled Streets of Philadelphia: Photography 1970-1985, featuring the works of 21 photographers active in Philly at that time. For those of you who saw Invincible and thought that Philly could never have been that gritty, this show should open your eyes. For first generation punk rock kids like yours truly, it’ll be a trip down memory lane.

The Print Center
1614 Latimer Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103
(215) 735-6090


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