The Fabric Horse: Boutique Shopping @ the Piazza


Though only around for 6 years, Fabric Horse has already made a name for itself in Philadelphia’s incomparable bike-culture. Founder Carrie Collins says the name “Fabric Horse” comes from the adage “clothes horse,” a term for someone who owns a lot of clothes. Likewise, Collins describes herself as a “fabric horse” for the amount of fabric she owns.

With its new location within Northern Liberties’ Piazza at Schmidt’s, Collins describes the store opening as the best thing that could have happened to the company, especially after becoming one of the city’s most sought after small businesses.

One of Fabric Horse’s most iconic products, the Superhero Utility Belt was a product of Collins’ need to store a U-lock without having to bring around a bag. She describes everything as snowballing, after designing the belt, with its utilitarian-chic simplicity for a few close friends.

Feel like staying in and shopping? In addition to their location at The Piazza, you can pick up Fabric Horse’s bags, instantly recognizable belts, and accessories  online, and still have your product customized. Nice.

Fabric Horse
1001 N. 2nd St, (Unit 21), Philadelphia, PA 19123



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