Celebrate Day of the Dead with the “Heart & Soul” Dinner at Xochitl

(photo courtesy of Xochitl)

In the United States, Halloween is the day towards which all eyes are turned. It’s the night (or this year, weekend) during which people dress up, perform mischief and ingest a few too many treats. As soon as the October 31 has passed, it’s time to pack away the spooky gear. However, for many other cultures, the truly important day is the one that follows Halloween, called Day of the Dead.

This year Xochitl, one of Philly’s most authentic Mexican restaurants, will be offering a special five-course Day of the Dead menu on Tuesday, November 2nd. The special menu he menu will feature a “Heart and Soul” theme, and includes creative and delicious interpretations of corazon (heart), sangre (blood) and alma (soul).

This menu costs $45 per person, excluding beverages, tax and gratuity. For more information, or to make a reservation, call (215) 238-7280 or visit Xochitl online.



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