Philadelphia’s With Love Ads Fill New York City’s Penn Station

Even the front stairs are blanketed with Philadelphia love. (Photo by GPTMC)
The stairs of the main entrance to Penn Station are blanketed with Philadelphia love. (Photo by R. Kennedy for GPTMC)

New York City’s Penn Station is now saturated with our With Love, Philadelphia XOXO® ads (225 of them, to be exact).

You’ve seen our With Love ads many times, but now the 6 million travelers funneling in and out of New York City will also be privy to our Philadelphia patriotism.

Cue pat on back: Philadelphia is the first U.S. city to dominate like this at Penn Station.

The ads will be on display through the month of February.

While we’re on the subject, remember: you can still submit a With Love line to our Write-A-Billboard contest! CLICK HERE to enter. The last day is February 4th.

Write-A-Billboard Contest [Visit Philly]

UPDATE: KYW covered the Penn Station takeover. Hear the interview here.


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  1. i love this that place .. my boyfriend alway took me show me this way very beautiful .. too boring new york

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