SEPTA Launches Its First-Ever Sustainability Plan, SEP-TAINABLE

The Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) has officially adopted its first ever sustainability plan, entitled SEP-TAINABLE: The Route to Regional Sustainability.

The program represents SEPTA’s comprehensive strategy and commitment to become a more economically, socially and environmentally sustainable organization. The plan outlines twelve specific sustainability goals set for 2015. Examples include improving pollutant discharge by 10%; installing LED lighting and energy-efficient escalators in SEPTA stations; and working with communities in Philadelphia to host farmers markets, integrate with bike-sharing programs, and incorporate affordable housing into its official policy.

As the 6th largest public transportation system in the U.S., serving 4 million area residents, any efforts to pursue sustainability will have a major impact.

And SEPTA has already made impressive strides with the addition of a fleet of hybrid buses (up to 29% more fuel efficient than regular diesel buses): there are 252 currently operating, and there are plans to add hundreds more in the coming years.

Concurrently, the SEPTA board also approved a plan to funnel $175 million into a new electronic fare system. SEPTA plans to install fare boxes and turnstiles that will accept payment from cards with smart chips, pre-paid SEPTA fare cards, and even cell phones. Work on the project could begin as early as this spring.

A full outline of the SEP-TAINABLE plan, and up-to-the-minute updates, are available online.

We’re totally on board (pun intended).

SEP-TAINABLE: The Route to Regional Sustainability [Official Site]


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