It’s Official: Shake Shack Is Bringing Its Delicious Burgers To Philadelphia; First Philly Location Of The Famous Burger Stand To Open at 20th & Sansom In 2012

Shake Shack, the beloved burger stand in New York City's Madison Square Park, will be opening a location near Rittenhouse Square in Philadelphia in 2012. (Photos courtesy Shake Shack)

Wow. This is big news. Actually, this is huge news.

Shake Shack, the beloved burger stand from famed New York City restaurateur Danny Meyer, will be opening its first-ever Philadelphia location next year!

For people who are fortunate enough to know Shake Shack and their delicious food, they are familiar with Shake Shack’s “roadside” style stands that serve up amazing burgers, dogs, custard, fries, shakes and beer and wine all at very affordable prices. For those new to Shake Shack, prepare to fall in love.

Yesterday, Shake Shack officially confirmed that they will be coming to Philadelphia in 2012.

And what a location! Shake Shack has scooped up a prime location in the Rittenhouse Square neighborhood of Center City. The exact location is on the corner of 20th and Sansom Streets, located directly across from Village Whiskey. Meaning Jose Garces’ famous burgers at Village Whiskey are about to get some very distinguished new neighbors.

A little background on the Shack: Shake Shack became an instant phenomenon as soon as it first opened in Madison Square Park in Manhattan in 2004. The lines at this original Shake Shack are the stuff of legend.

After the the smashing success of the original Shake Shack, Danny Meyer decided to expand in 2008. In the short time since, he’s opened five other Shake Shack’s in New York City, including (Attn: Phillies fans) a location at the Mets’ new ballpark, Citi Field, as well as locations in Miami Beach, Saratoga Springs, and Washington D.C., including (Attn: Phillies Fans) a location at the Nationals ballpark that debuts today.

(If you want even more background about Shake Shack, Eater is a good place to start.)

The menu primarily consists of burgers, dogs, custard, fries, and shakes as well as beer and wine. You can check out a sample menu here from the original location. The burgers use a custom blend from La Frieda Meats.

Meanwhile, another reason we’re excited to welcome Shake Shack to the Philadelphia dining scene: the Shack makes serious green efforts, including offsetting 100% of its electricity by purchasing wind-power credits, practicing on-site composting, and recycling all cooking oil into bio-diesel fuel.

Says Danny Meyer about bringing Shake Shack to the city of brotherly love, “Philadelphians are famously passionate about the things they love, and we truly hope they’ll embrace our ShackBurgers, hot dogs and frozen custard with that same enthusiasm.”

Mr. Meyer: don’t worry, we will.

Shake Shack — Coming in 2012!
2000 Sansom Street



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  1. Philly can use all the NYC influence it can get. Having shake shack in town will be awesome and might even shake this city up! It will be perfectly located, as well.

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