Rachael Ray Comes To Town, Dines At Barbuzzo, Builds A Community Garden In South Philadelphia, And Films A Philly Grill-Off For Her Show

Rachel Ray brought her whole show down to South Philadelphia yesterday for a special grill-off; among the special guests were Patti LaBelle, Boyz II Men, and Ty Pennington. (Photo credits clockwise from top left: courtesy @TyPennington, courtesy NewsWorks, courtesy Rachael Ray's Food Team, courtesy Rachael Ray Show)

The Rachael Ray Show came to Philadelphia yesterday, with more than just a camera crew and boom mikes.

Not only did Rachael film an awesome Philly Grill-Off with locals competing against each other, the producers of her lifestyle talk show had an urban garden built at the corner of Wharton Street and East Passyunk Avenue, where the show was taped.

In just five days, 16 raised beds, a vertical flowerbed, 2,869-gallon rainwater cisterns and an iron fence were erected across from Pat’s Steaks.

The community garden is staying put (it will be managed by the Camden City Garden Club) even though Rachael already left town — but not before she dined at Barbuzzo with Valerie Safran and Chef Marcie Turney themselves (see below).

Other notables — Boyz II Men, Ty Pennington, Patti LaBelle — made appearances at the taping as well.

See below for a photo of Rachael Ray with Valerie Safran and Chef Marcie Turney. The Philly episode will run in late September when Rachael’s new season begins.

Rachael Ray made a pit stop at one of Philadelphia's most prized restaurants: 13th Street's Barbuzzo. (Photo by James Narog)

Rachael Ray Show [Official Site]


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  1. Its about time people began to appreciate Philly for what a wonderful, diverse city it is,and not just a dot on 95 between DC & NYC

  2. We at Mr. Contractor Inc. were proud to be part of this community garden project. It was well worth the five days our master carpenters volunteered their time to build. We are very happy to have turned this corner into the beautiful place it is now.

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