Capogiro Named #1 Ice Cream Spot In The Entire World By National Geographic

Having created more than 375 flavors over the years, each one more delicious than the last, Capogiro has earned a reputation of having some of the best ice cream and gelato around. And now National Geographic says Capogiro's is the best in the world! (Top photo credit: GPTMC, others courtesy Capogiro)

Ok, this is a big deal.

National Geographic put together a list of the top 10 places across the globe to get ice cream.

Featured in the new National Geographic book, “Food Journeys of a Lifetime,” the major criterion for the ice cream ranking was flavor creativity; the list includes eel ice cream in Japan and green tea ice cream in Florence.

And our very own Capogiro came in at #1. As NatGeo put it,

“Made with the freshest ingredients (such as milk from Amish grass-fed cows), the artisan gelatos and sorbettos handcrafted each day at Capogiro Gelato include flavors not seen anywhere else — Madagascar bourbon vanilla, melograno (pomegranate), nocciola Piemonte (hazelnut), Saigon cinnamon, Thai coconut milk (with a dash of rum), and zucca (long-neck pumpkin).”

Capogiro Gelato Artisans has been a Philadelphia fixture since the doors of their first store opened at 13th and Sansom in 2002. Owners John and Stephanie Reitano seek out all manner of locally grown and produced ingredients and let seasonal availability inform the rotating flavor list.

Authentic, hand-crafted, locally sourced gelato that’s now award-winning in a big way — we’re so proud. Try it for yourself at any of the shop’s four locations around the city.

Top 10 Places to Eat Ice Cream [National Geographic]


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