Amuse Bouche: The Impossibly Delicious Roast Pork Sandwich From John’s Roast Pork In South Philadelphia

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Amuse Bouche is back for 2012 and we're kicking it off by highlighting some of Philadelphia's most iconic foods. Next up, the insanely good Roast Pork Sandwich from John's in South Philly. (Photo by J. Varney for GPTMC)

[This is the latest installment in our post series “Amuse Bouche Philadelphia,” in which we highlight must-try menu items at restaurants and eateries around the city. We’re calling the post series “Amuse Bouche” because, like a traditional amuse bouche that you might receive before a meal, these posts are intended to tease and excite your taste buds. Only we’ll have to try to do it visually. Hope you enjoy.]

When it comes to quintessential Philly sandwiches, the cheesesteak may be more famous, but the roast pork sandwich is a sleeper favorite of many. And for an authentic roast pork sandwich, there is perhaps no better place to go than John’s.

When you walk into John’s Roast Pork, the shoebox-sized sandwich shack on a corner of Snyder Avenue in South Philadelphia, you definitely get the sense that you’re entering a place that’s been making great sandwiches for a long time. There are framed photos on the wall, an unbelievably enticing smell coming from the grill behind the counter and a line of hungry customers extending out the door.

For what? A sandwich so delicious you simply have to taste it to believe it.

John’s has been around for more than 80 years and the secret recipe behind their famous roast pork sandwich is just as closely guarded now as it was back in 1930 when John’s first opened.

The pork is rubbed, roasted and sliced in house and then simmered in its own gravy before it makes its way into a crusty long roll. Order it with Provolone and sauteed spinach and you’ll understand why this roast pork sandwich is one of Philadelphia’s best.

John’s Roast Pork

14 Snyder Avenue



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  1. I concur. I sampled a dozen of the best Philly sandwiches over this past year on a few business trips. The roast pork at John’s was a memorable best in class by a comfortable margin, in an area justifiably proud of its often great street cuisine. A perfect thing. You won’t be disappointed.

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