Amuse Bouche: The Incomparable Schmitter® Sandwich At McNally’s Tavern In Chestnut Hill

A favorite at McNally’s Tavern in Chestnut Hill for more than 40 years, The Schmitter® is packed with sliced beef, extra cheese, fried onions, tomato, grilled salami and special sauce all onto a flash-broiled Kaiser roll. (Photo by J. Varney for GPTMC)

[This is the latest installment in our ongoing post series “Amuse Bouche Philadelphia,” in which we highlight must-try menu items at restaurants and eateries around the city. We’re calling the post series “Amuse Bouche” because, like a traditional amuse bouche that you might receive before a meal, these posts are intended to tease and excite your taste buds. Only we’ll have to try to do it visually. Hope you enjoy.]

Amuse Bouche is back for 2012 and we’re starting it off by highlighting some of Philadelphia’s most iconic foods. Next up is the uniquely delicious Schmitter® Sandwich from McNally’s Tavern in Chestnut Hill. (So good, in fact, it has actually been copyrighted.)

McNally’s is a Chestnut Hill landmark, however it’s one without a big sign. Instead, there’s just a small plaque on the door and a green flag hanging above. But locals know how to find it just fine — it’s been located here near the top of Germantown Avenue for more than 80 years.

McNally’s, of course, is famous for its signature sandwich, the Schmitter®, which is a variation of Philadelphia’s famous cheesesteak sandwich. The Schmitter® includes the traditional grilled steak, fried onions and melted cheese but adds grilled salami, grilled tomatoes and a special sauce and comes on a toasted Kaiser roll instead of a long hoagie roll.

While the combination might sound strange, it’s famous for a reason — it’s frighteningly delicious. Go ahead and put it on your Philadelphia bucket list.

McNally’s Tavern
8634 Germantown Avenue



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  1. McNalley’s is the best local pub ever! The beer is cold, the Schmitter is fab and the staff is the best!

  2. Insanely addicting. One of the most Philly things you can eat. Chips are the perfect compliment and taste great when dipped in the schmitter sauce that drips off of your sandwich. Eat one!

  3. I consider myself one of McNallys biggest fans. I love the family, I love their bar and I love a Schmitter anytime!! Everyone should have at least one in their life. Scrumptious .

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