Amuse Bouche: The Turkey Sicilian Hoagie From Sarcone’s Deli In The Italian Market

Amuse Bouche is back for 2012 and we're starting off by highlighting some of Philadelphia's most iconic foods. Next up, an authentic Philadelphia hoagie from Sarcone's in South Philly. (Photo by J. Varney for GPTMC)

[This is the latest installment in our ongoing post series “Amuse Bouche Philadelphia,” in which we highlight must-try menu items at restaurants and eateries around the city. We’re calling the post series “Amuse Bouche” because, like a traditional amuse bouche that you might receive before a meal, these posts are intended to tease and excite your taste buds. Only we’ll have to try to do it visually. Hope you enjoy.]

Among Philly eats, it doesn’t get much more iconic than the hoagie. The hefty sandwich of Italian origin (but now adopted by many cultures) has been an affordable lunch mainstay for the region’s residents and visitors for at least a century. And while the hoagie continues to evolve with new ingredients and modern interpretations, the classic version is as popular as ever.

From South Philly to the suburbs, there are go-to hoagie shops in every town and every neighborhood.

And whether you’re seeking a traditional combo of spicy meats and fragrant dressing or a creative variation with artisan ingredients, there’s no shortage of places to go to sample one the Philly’s signature cold sandwiches.

Perhaps one of the best is Sarcone’s Deli, located on South Ninth Street at the top of the Italian Market in Bella Vista. Sarcone’s has spawned multiple locations, and it’s easy to see why. Freshly baked and perfectly crusty seeded rolls are lovingly stuffed in combos like the Italian Market (hot capicola, turkey breast, roasted peppers, sharp provolone) and the Junk Yard Special (turkey, prosciutto, sautéed spinach, roasted peppers, mozzarella, sharp provolone).

Above is the Turkey Sicilian hoagie at Sarcone’s made with turkey, abbruzzi cheese spread, roasted peppers, fresh mozzarella, asparagus, and oil and vinegar.

It’s probably time to go ahead and make your lunch plans.

Sarcone’s Deli
734 S. 9th Street


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