Google Maps Now Taking You Inside Your Favorite Philadelphia Restaurants And Bars

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Ooh, wide lanes — so luxurious. Thanks to Google Maps, you can now peek inside (and virtually walk through) many restaurants and bars in Philadelphia before ever arriving in person, like Pub and Kitchen above. (Image credit: Google Maps)

Have you ever wanted to check out what a restaurant or bar looked like before actually visiting it? We certainly have.

Enter Google Maps. Google Maps first unveiled Street View back in 2007, allowing people to see not just the address of where they were trying to go, but also what the location actually looked like so they’d recognize it upon arrival.

Now Google Maps has taken it a step further by actually using their Street View technology to go inside restaurants and bars and show you what they look like as if you were actually there walking through it.

Never been to Osteria and curious about the layout? Check Osteria on Google Maps. Want to see how big the Oyster Bar is at Oyster House? Check Google Maps. Want to see what the TV situation is at Misconduct on Locust Street? Check Google Maps. Want a preview of why you’re going to love Johnny Brenda’s? Check Google Maps. Want to see how the bar and the in-house brewery equipment look at Nodding Head? Check Google Maps.

Want to see what the pin-up decoration on the ceiling at Varga Bar looks like? Check Google Maps. Want to see how gloriously long the bar is at Pub and Kitchen? Check Google Maps. Want to see why the varieties of gelato at the original Capogiro will have you hooked upon first taste? Check Google Maps. Want to see where to sit at Amada’s bar so you’re as close as possible to the hanging jamon? Check Google Maps. Or want to see how intimate the space is at the newly crowned four-bell BYOB Bibou? Check Google Maps.

We could go on. But you get the idea.

This is a pretty cool feature. Since initially rolling this out in Philadelphia at a few locations in December, Google Maps has since added it to many more restaurants and bars in the area.

And it has us wondering what Google Maps will roll out next. We’re hoping it’s Street View inside some of Philadelphia’s amazing museums…

In the meantime, we’ve included a few of the above examples below so you can see a little more of it for yourself.

Google Maps For Businesses [Official Site]

Oyster House



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  1. This is great. Here’s hoping they give us a walk-through the Franklin Institute, Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Philadelphia Zoo, up to the Liberty Bell and to other popular exhibits/tourist attractions throughout the city…

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