Damien Pileggi, Co-Owner Of Rival Bros. Coffee Truck

Today’s Philly 101 video features Damien Pileggi, co-owner alongside Pub & Kitchen chef and childhood friend Jonathan Adams of the Rival Bros. Coffee Truck in Love Park.

Damien is an artisanal coffee expert who has worked with La Colombe and takes a meticulous approach to coffee-brewing. He samples each and every varietal that goes into Rival Bros.’ blends, then adjusts the ratios and the depth of the roasts to achieve a predetermined flavor profile.

Watch the video to meet Damien, see inside the Rival Bros. truck and learn where his favorite spots are, and why, on the local coffee scene.

Rival Bros. Coffee Truck

Elixr Coffee
207 S. 15th Street

Ultimo Coffee
1900 S. 15th Street

Bodhi Coffee
410 S. 2nd Street


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  1. may I know who is the designer of the rival brothers coffee truck is? i’m doing an assignment and i’m very interested with your trucks.. hope u would help me in this~

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