Philadelphia Ranked #2 Best Burger City in America By Travel + Leisure

Stop the presses: Philadelphia was just named the #2 Burger City in the country by Travel + Leisure, beating out both New York and LA. The pretty awesome accolade can be credited to Philly’s bounty of excellent burgers — we’re talking about the likes of Village Whiskey’s burgers, Pub & Kitchen’s burgers, Grace Tavern’s burgers, the Rouge Burger and too many others to name. And with Shake Shack opening later this season, we’re pretty confident that Philadelphia’s burger rep is only going to get stronger. What’s your favorite burger in Philly? Let us know in the comments. [Travel + Leisure]


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  1. The burgers at Standard Tap, Good Dog, Royal Tavern and of course Monk’s are all great.

  2. The Breakfast Burger at The Corner!!! They just placed 2nd at the Burger Brawl – should have been first, if you ask me!

  3. Great angus burgers served at “Our Deli” located in Paoli. You never leave hungry!!

  4. Royal Tavern hands down. Try the Bacon burger off the special list. It will eventually become a staple I hope.

  5. The burger at Pub & Kitchen, may be the best I ever had…problem is that it’s $18 friggin dollars. Ten Stone is also really good

  6. I’m starting a call to arms for the burger at Johnny Brenda’s. It’s perfect in every way. Add bacon for a needed crunch. Take once a week, as needed.

  7. 2 Fat Guys in Montgomery County (Colmar) about 30 or 40 min from downtown philly, up rte 309–has easily some of the best burgers in the philadelphia area. Just a small place with a small seating area but as good if not better than places like Village Whiskey and a heckuva lot cheaper! Also, their cheesesteaks are to die for! Better than most philly spots and they can hang with any of the top spots!

  8. Dirty Burger @West Tavern… simplest, best burger I’ve ever eaten, and I’ve eaten a lot of burgers. Can never stop at just one!

  9. Agree with the person who recommended 2 Fat Guys in Colmar right on 309. Everything they serve is out of this world, including the burgers.

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