Esquire Magazine Declares Philadelphia The Late-Night Capital Of The U.S. For Food And Drink

Philadelphia is full of awesome late-night dining options and Esquire just judiciously declared Philly to be America's best late night food city. (Photo credit: GPTMC)

This just in: Esquire has declared Philadelphia The Late-Night Capital of the United States.

Yup, that’s right. The late-night capital of the entire country.

The piece breaks down Philadelphia into 11 neighborhoods with a highlight or two of the best spot for late-night eating and drinking.

The picks range from the expected (Standard Tap, Memphis Taproom, McGillin’s, etc.) to the unexpected (David’s Mai Lai Wah in Chinatown).

Check out the slideshow here.

And it seems like great minds think alike: Uwishunu recently published a guide to Late-Night Eats and Drinks in Philadelphia as well; see how our picks matched up to Esquire’s.

Here’s a little taste (so to speak) of what to expect from the super flattering article:

“It doesn’t hurt that the local love for microbrewing, dating to the late 1600s, shows up on beer lists so intricately compiled they’d be described as curated in more pretentious cities…. Epic jukeboxes and random dartboards, roasted meat and melted cheese, super-hard-to-find beers and whiskey neat — all served up without judgment in an American stronghold for going big into the wee hours.”

Kudos to the bars mentioned, and to Philadelphia in general. Thanks, Esquire!

The Late-Night Capital of the United States: Philadelphia [Esquire]


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  1. Can someone tell me where I should stay in philly and where to go for 50 plus to have fun and entertainment .. Not wild just fun.. would like to go the end of september..

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