2424 Studios In Fishtown Presents Symphony In D Minor Now Through December 2

Using video and sound, Symphony In D Minor's hanging cylinders respond to people's movement by intensifying the effects of heavy rain, lightning and thunder. (Photo courtesy Symphony in D Minor)

The ancient Greeks might tell you the skies are the domain of the gods. But thanks to Ben Franklin and his kite, Philadelphians have a history of playing with lightning.

Keep the tradition going at 2424 Studios in Fishtown, where you’ll have the chance to wrench the thunderbolts away from Zeus and wreak some human-sized havoc.

At Symphony in D Minor, interactive installations by artists Chris Klapper and Patrick Gallagher harness lightning and thunder in a series of hand-cast resin sculptures. Suspended 40 feet from the ceiling, these miniature cylindrical universes hold lights and sounds that dance and crash to the touch of gallery visitors.

The gallery is open to storm-chasers of all ages Tuesday through Saturday, 3-8 p.m. The exhibition closes with a solo performance by Kun-Yang Lin, 7:45 p.m. on Sunday, December 2.

Admission is free.

Check out an awesome preview video of the exhibition, below.

Symphony in D Minor at 2424 Studios
When: Now-December 2
Where: 2424 E. York Street
Cost: Free
More info: www.symphonyindminor.com



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