First Glimpse Of Philadelphia As The Home Of Brad Pitt And The Site Of An Impending Zombie Apocalypse In The New Movie World War Z, A Summer Blockbuster Coming Out In June 2013

Whoa — when did this happen?? This is a still from the upcoming zombie disaster flick 'World War Z,' in which Philadelphia is set as Brad Pitt's hometown and the site of a little run-in with some zombies. (Image via Paramount Pictures)

So Brad Pitt is starring in a new summer blockbuster coming out next year and the first trailer just came out. The movie is called World War Z and it’s about… zombies.

And guess what? Philadelphia stars as Brad Pitt’s home in the movie. The brand new trailer features three different shots of our city’s skyline. (Look out for a recognizable skyline at the very beginning :06; then again at :54, and then the above shot at 1:45.) And we have to admit — the skyline and the city are looking pretty good. That is, aside from the fires and billowing smoke coming from, you know, the war against the zombie apocalypse taking place on the streets below.

Check out the brand new World War Z trailer below.

One bummer about the movie: while a lot of the story was set here, and they used actual aerial shots of the city for establishing shots, the street scenes were all filmed in Scotland where Glasgow stood in as a double for Philadelphia. (Don’t ask us why.)

Nonetheless, we’re still pretty excited to see how Philadelphia fares against the zombies. Although, if the trailer is any indication, it may not be that good… Guess we’ll find out next summer.

World War Z [Official Site]


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