It’s Election Day 2012, Philadelphia: Get Out There And VOTE!

Election Day 2012 is here, and it’s a super important race for Philadelphians to weigh in on.

As the National Constitution Center’s blog Constitution Daily posited, “A review of polling data going back to 1936 shows the race between President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney is the closest in 76 years as Election Day approaches.”

Did you get that? Closest in 76 years. That means that each and every person’s vote is more significant than ever before, especially in swing state Pennsylvania.

Here are a few helpful voting-related links for Philadelphia residents:

• If you need to need to check on your voter registration, go here.

• If you need to find your polling place, go here.

• There are four ballot questions on the ballot in Philadelphia — don’t forget you’re voting on more than just President! — check out this helpful rundown from the Committee of Seventy.

• They also have a complete, non-partisan guide to all the races.

• Polls are open from 7 a.m.-8 p.m.

• And you do NOT need a photo ID, unless you are a first-time voter or voting for the first time at a new polling place. More details here.

• For New Jersey residents still affected by Hurricane Sandy, check out all the ways Governor Chris Christie is encouraging people to vote.

• Lastly, want some suggestions for where to watch the Election Night Returns? We’ve got you covered, with 32 picks right here.

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