Love And Global Politics Collide In The English Bride, A Psychological Thriller Opening At Theatre Exile Thursday, November 8

Love and hate create a combustible mix in The English Bride, a psychological thriller that makes its world premiere at Theatre Exile on Thursday, November 8.

Inspired by true-life events, the play centers around a series of interrogations instigated by the discovery of a bomb found in the luggage of a woman flying on an El Al plane out of London.

The woman, who claims no knowledge of the bomb, says she’s en route to be married.

The crux of the story revolves around interrogations led by an Israeli special intelligence officer who questions the woman and the mysterious Arab man with whom she’s fallen in love. In questioning the pair the officer uncovers a tangled web of passion and deceit fueled by the fires of global politics and terrorism. Who is to be believed? Who is the real villain? As you’ll see here, are no easy answers.

Tickets are available online.

Theatre Exile presents The English Bride
When: November 8–December 2
Where: 1340 S. 13th Street
Cost: $10-$34
More info:


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