The Clay Studio To Unleash A “Guerrilla Mug Assault,” A Street Art Movement Launching Thursday, November 8

On November 8, The Clay Studio will hit the streets of Philadelphia, giving away 500 beautifully crafted handmade ceramic mugs to 500 individuals with disposable cups. (Photo courtesy The Clay Studio)

The Clay Studio, a nonprofit educational arts organization located in Old City, will send teams to the streets of Philadelphia on Thursday, November 8 to distribute free, handmade mugs to java drinkers carrying disposable coffee cups around Center City cafes in an effort to examine the relevance of handmade ceramic tableware in modern day culture.

The project is entitled “Guerrilla Mug Assault,” and each of the 500 mugs will include information about the project, the mug’s maker and The Clay Studio’s blog address with a statement encouraging the recipient to post about their experience and relationship developed with the mug.

The distribution is part of a larger program that began this summer, called “Made By Hand,” which showcases exhibits that explore people’s associations with tableware and its ability to serve as reminders of time and place.

The idea of taking art to the street allows the opportunity for multiple voices and points of view to be recognized in an informal setting, so don’t be alarmed when you see dozens of clay mug carriers charging at you during your morning commute or afternoon pick-me-up. Embrace it!

The Clay Studio’s Guerrilla Mug Assault
When: Thursday, November 8
Where: Center City
Cost: Free
More info:



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