Year In Review: Best Quotes About Philadelphia In 2012

The City of Brotherly Love has gotten much well-deserved love this year, sweeping up accolades and rankings from all manner of publications and public figures. (Photo by B. Krist for GPTMC)

End your week, and your year, with a look back at some of the best soundbites about our fair city.

From January up until as recently as this week, authorities in all arenas have waxed poetic about Philadelphia, praising everything from the city’s bars to its art.

Check out a year in review in quote form, below. And let us know your favorites in the comments or on Twitter.

January 2012

• “[T]he entire reception in the city, the buzz throughout the city, and the crowd today was great. This was just a terrific event for us, and we are grateful to everybody who was involved, particularly and including the City of Philadelphia.” — NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman on Philadelphia hosting the 2012 NHL Winter Classic

February 2012

• “Most malls and shopping centers are a highway’s drive away, making the city itself a haven for pockets of small boutique shopping.” — Lucky Magazine, naming Philadelphia one of the country’s 25 best shopping cities

• “The greatest thing that’s ever happened to me was coming here.” — Phillies pitcher Roy Halladay

March 2012

• “[The] LOVE [statue] is just the beginning of an outdoor feast for your eyes that Philadelphia offers.” — Harrisburg-Patriot News article about the impending Barnes Foundation opening

April 2012

• “It doesn’t get any better than performing for your hometown team on Opening Day. Go Phillies!” — DJ Jazzy Jeff on spinning live at the Phillies home opener

May 2012

• “A lifetime of art-history lectures will teach you less about Cézanne’s quiddity, and why and how it matters, than an hour at the Barnes.” — New Yorker, in a glowing review of the Barnes Foundation

• “The new campus of the Barnes Foundation in Philadelphia represents, simply put, a game changer for what a museum can be, the experience of art, and role architecture plays in both. It is also a game changer for Philadelphia, at a moment of splendid cultural renaissance.” — Travel + Leisure, in a praiseful profile of the Barnes Foundation

June 2012

• “[Philadelphia is my] greatest inspiration.” — master filmmaker David Lynch, discussing his time as a student in Philadelphia

Read the quotes for July through December, below.

July 2012

• “The City of Brotherly Love has some of the best public art in the country.” — Business Insider, naming Philadelphia one of the hottest American cities of the future

August 2012

• “World-class museums, cutting-edge galleries, and ubiquitous street murals make this city a trove of creative riches.” — New York Magazine

• “[T]he local love for microbrewing, dating to the late 1600s, shows up on beer lists so intricately compiled they’d be described as curated in more pretentious cities. (Yes, Brooklyn, I mean you.) Epic jukeboxes and random dartboards, roasted meat and melted cheese, super-hard-to-find beers and whiskey neat — all served up without judgment in an American stronghold for going big into the wee hours.” — Esquire Magazine, naming Philadelphia the late-night capital of the U.S.

• “Through it all there was a continuous thread of something ineffably Philly: bright and optimistic, entirely unpretentious and yet exacting in quality. When it comes to eating, this city is operating miles beyond the cheesesteak.” — Saveur Magazine, in a piece declaring Philadelphia to be “the East Coast’s most exciting emerging food town.”

• “We’re neighborhood people. And that’s what Philly is: neighborhoods. That’s why this all works.” — Valerie Safran in Philadelphia Magazine’s Best of Philly 2012 issue

September 2012

• “Since you were so good to me, Philly, I’m going to be good to you tonight, Philly.” — Jay-Z, during the first-ever Made in America Festival on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway

October 2012

• “Our Founding Fathers bickered over inalienable human rights while tossing back brews in the dark corners of ye olde Philly taverns, and this town’s only become more beer-crazy in the ensuing 236 years.” — Esquire Magazine, naming Philadelphia one of the 5 best beer cities in America and home of the perfect pub crawl

• “Eating out in the City of Brotherly Love has never been better.” — Bon Appetit

• “Philadelphia isn’t some flashy food town easily swayed by passing trends. True to the spirit of its founding fathers, the city is a refuge for freethinking entrepreneurs who put their faith in community.” — Travel + Leisure

November 2012

• “Silver Linings contains an outstanding performance by an uncredited actor: The western suburbs of Philadelphia. The working-class houses of Upper Darby never looked as inviting, nor the streets of Ridley as leafy.” — Philadelphia Inquirer article on the making of the Bradley Cooper-starring major motion picture

December 2012

• “Forget the cheesesteaks and tri-corner hat, Philadelphia is becoming known as an art capital.” — #1 travel publisher Lonely Planet

• “New York is a place where people go to reinvent themselves; Philadelphia is a place where people discover who they are.” — Chef Peter McAndrews to Anthony Bourdain over dinner at Amis during the Philadelphia episode of The Layover

• “Art, art, everywhere art.” — Anthony Bourdain about the Philadelphia art scene during the Philadelphia episode of The Layover


• Chef Michael Solomonov: “What do you think the single best thing is about Philly?” Anthony Bourdain: “The attitude.” — Philadelphia episode of The Layover

That’s our list. Which quote is your favorite?

To bask in even more love for the City of Brotherly Love, check out this video: Philadelphia 2012 — A Year in Headlines, a live-action look at a year’s worth of bragging rights.


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