1812 Productions Kicks Off The Sweet Romantic Comedy To Fool The Eye, On Valentine’s Day, February 14

Reality and fantasy collide in the most spectacular way in To Fool The Eye,, a lively farce written by Jeffrey Hatcher that’s presented by 1812 Productions, starting on February 14.

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to kick of this whimsical romantic comedy, which is a modern adaptation of the French classic Léocadia.

The premise of the story is actually sad – the nephew of a wealthy duchess is despondent and suicidal due to death of the love of his life, Léocadia. To lessen his despair, the duchess concocts a far-fetched plan to have members of her estate continually recreate the day of her nephew’s initial encounter with his lost love.

For two years a cast of characters, many of who lack even the slightest resemblance to Léocadia replay the meet-up, that is, until a poor hatmaker named Amanda enters the scene. Upon her arrival, the ruse begins to unravel as she and the nephew discover that love can fool both the eye and the heart.

The story is but part of the fun, because the staging is also playful and imaginative. It’s designed, just as the title suggests, to fool the eye, and indeed the ever transforming set pulls off grand illusions.

This presentation is a co-production between 1812 and Drexel University’s Mandell Professionals in Residence Project. Funny as it is, it’s also a thoughtful meditation on memory and loss.

Tickets are available online.

To Fool The Eye
When: February 14 – March 3
Where: Mandell Theater, 3201 Chestnut Street
Cost: $22-$38
More info: www.1812productions.org


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