Opening Soon: Kermit’s Bake Shoppe Set To Open Its Doors To The Public Monday, July 22, On Washington Avenue In Graduate Hospital

Kermit's Bake Shoppe, helmed by Adam Ritter, chef Chad Durkin and chef Brian Lofink, opens Monday, July 22. (Photos by M. Edlow for GPTMC)

Restauranteur Adam Ritter has a recipe for success with his brand-new, much-anticipated eatery Kermit’s Bake Shoppe, opening in Graduate Hospital, this Monday, July 22 at 11 a.m.

One part bakery and one part pizzeria, Ritter incorporated a dash of nostalgia and plenty of attention to detail into his take-out only eatery on Washington Avenue, the latest in his portfolio of Philly spots, which also includes The Sidecar Bar and Grille and Kraftwork.

With two experienced chefs behind the counter — Chad Durkin helming the bakery and Brian Lofink managing the savory operations — Kermit’s has the capacity to dish out a huge range of fare.

The open, commercial-style kitchen is set to supply the neighborhood with pizzas, soups, salads, plus every manner of just-baked treats — from cinnamon buns, cakes and brownies to foacaccia, pita and baguettes — for take-out and (coming soon) delivery.

Read on for an overview of what to expect when you visit Kermit’s after its opening on Monday.

The Layout

Surrounded by warehouses on a mostly-industrial commercial corridor, Kermit’s mural-adorned facade stands out.

The floral artwork by Gibbs Connors gives way to other thoughtful design details, like the pizza-slice-shaped bike racks by Chris Wheeler and, inside, salvaged pressed-tin ceiling and an enormous slow-spinning rolling pin that hangs from the ceiling, an unmistakable clue to the focus of the establishment.

Once inside, a wide-open floor plan lets visitors peek into the inner-workings of a bakery and pizzeria. Check out the cooks and bakers buzzing about, then shift attention to the three windowed cases — one for a mixed bag of baked goods, one for eight pizza pies and one devoted to cakes and confections.

Devour the menu with your eyes, then step up to the counter and place that order. Kermit’s accepts cash and credit, and eats are for takeaway only right now.

Stay tuned for delivery options this fall, including a mobile app to make ordering as easy as pie.

The Eats

No matter your doughy craving, Kermit’s has you covered. The bill of fare is straightforward, but includes contemporary touches throughout to satisfy both expert and easygoing tastebuds.

From substantial staples like pizzas and hot pockets to whimsical treats like Red Devil Whoo-Pie and The #32 Finger Roll (a take on a Swiss roll based on Magic Johnson’s grandmother’s sweet potato pie recipe), the menu aims to please just about every palate.

On the savory side, chef Brian Lofink offers up freshly made pizzas available by the slice or whole pie in seven classic varieties, with both build-your-own options and a gluten-free crust alternative courtesy of Taffet’s Bakery in the Italian Market. Besides the pies, you’ll find house-made soups, hand pies (a.k.a. hot pockets — go for the cheeseburger) and a tempting list of hearty salads.

From the bakery, a super-sized menu spans first-rate basics to carefully constructed confections. A French-trained pastry chef, Chad Durkin applies a deft touch to his goods and aims towards lighter feeling fare.

Find classics, available daily, like baguettes, pitas, muffins, quick breads, brownies, bars, pies, tarts and cakes (ask about piping the name of your sweetie on to a chocolate sponge cake).

But its the playful confections where Durkin really has fun. Scoop up candy bars, pralines, divinity and the signature Hamburgular, a three-tired pastry consisting of — get ready — vanilla sponge cake as the “buns,” chocolate cheesecake as the “burger,” white chocolate for “cheese,” raspberry coulis for “ketchup,” and coconut flakes standing in for lettuce.

On the weekends, the bakery works overtime, churning out morning-makers including eight types of bagels and a six varieties of croissant on Saturday and Sunday only.

For a couple more looks inside and the full menu, see below.

We think you’ll agree, Kermit’s baked goods take the cake.

Kermit’s Bake Shoppe Opens
When: July 22, 11 a.m.; Regular hours, Monday-Friday, 11 a.m.-11 p.m., Saturday-Sunday, 8 a.m.-11 p.m.
Where: 2204 Washington Avenue
Cost: Pay as you go
More info:

The pizza case at Kermit's holds its classic pies available by the slice, including pepperoni, sausage and peppers and white pizza. (Photo by M. Edlow for GPTMC)

The playful Hamburgular confection at Kermit's, made entirely of cake and sweet toppings, really resembles the burger it mimics. (Photo by M. Edlow for GPTMC)



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  1. So excited for this! But I want to clarify one point. It is not in graduate hospital area. Its on the south side of Washington ave, its point breeze. Not Newbold, which I find such an insult that a real estate company is trying to rename a neighborhood after itself, a neighborhood with so much history. I’m a point breeze resident and proud, and looking forward to having kermits in the neighborhood.

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