Lantern Theater Company Presents A Stage Adaptation Of Jane Austen’s Classic Novel Emma Through October 27

Lantern Theater Company brings Austen to the stage with a witty production of Emma this fall. (Image courtesy Lantern Theater)

Lovers of classic prose and biting wit, take note.

Jane Austen’s skill for juggling vices, virtues, men, and women balances itself on the Lantern Theater Company stage with an adaptation of Emma, now on stage at the intimate St. Stephen’s Theater through October 27.

If every singles bar in America came stocked with an Emma Woodhouse, then everyone would eventually leave happily married — after a series of mishaps, false leads, and musical chair matchmaking.

Young Emma stirs the citizens of Highburg into a high fury of love by misdirecting Cupid’s arrows into friends, relatives, and everyone else who inadvertently stumbles into her matchmaking plans.

After taking in the play, immerse yourself even further into Austen’s world with Regency and Revelry: The Jane Austen Festival. Tea ceremonies, ballroom dancing lessons, lectures, and more will leave you the envy of the drawing room.

Tickets are $20 to $38 and are available online.

When: September 19-October 27
Where: St. Stephen’s Theater, 10th and Ludlow streets
Cost: $20-38
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  1. As Emma, Lauren Sowa alternates between being key participant in the events of Highbury and addressing the audience with her smug. lovable, unreliable point of view while the other characters pause in tableaux. Sowa carries both comedy & character development in the play, which I enjoyed much more than Gwyneth Paltrow’s glamourous but pallid performance in the film in the 90s. I was not surprised. Last spring, Sowa recreated Desdemona as a strong character in Othello, something I never thought possible. Gwyneth, look out! Lauren Sowa is coming!

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