Shofuso Japanese House And Garden To Hold A Fall Harvest Moon-Viewing Celebration This Weekend, October 18-19

The gorgeous Shofuso Japanese House and Garden in Fairmount Park holds a celebration in honor of the full harvest moon this weekend. (Photo by G. Widman for GPTMC)

A full moon rises in the sky on Friday, October 18 and to celebrate, the friends of the Shofuso Japanese House and Garden in Fairmount Park are set to host a weekend of traditional moon-viewing festivities.

On Friday, a moon-viewing tea ceremony begins at 7 p.m. with a ritual service of matcha (green tea) and a seasonal sweet. The peaceful ceremony simply provides an opportunity to watch the moon rise while overlooking Shofuso’s lovely pond. Guests should be prepared to sit on the floor for the duration of this event, as is traditional in Japanese culture.

Saturday brings Otsukimi, or a moon-viewing party, from 6 to 9 p.m., with rustic Japanese food, sweets and sake for visitors to enjoy the beautiful harvest moon peacefully rising over the pond and garden.

Advanced registration is required for both the Friday evening tea ceremony and the Saturday night Otsukimi party. For tickets and additional information, click here.

Moon-Viewing Weekend at Shofuso Japanese House and Garden
When: Friday, October 18, 7 p.m.; Saturday, October 19, 6-9 p.m.
Where: Horticultural and Lansdowne Drives, Fairmount Park
Cost: Tea Ceremony, $25 members, $30 non-members; Otsukimi Moonviewing Party, $55 for members, $65 for non-members
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