Philly 360° Playlist: Dilemma “The Recipe Ain’t Hard to Tell”

Dilemma (Karim Rashad)

Philadelphia-based music producer Dilemma put together a unique and creative project over the summer entitled IllKidMaticCity and most recently released the highly anticipated Deluxe Version.

This is a remix project that combined Kendrick Lamar’s Good Kid M.A.A.D. City and Nas Illmatic. Both albums were progressive in their time and gave such a clear depiction of both emcees hometowns through their music. 

Dilemma takes elements from the production of Illmatic and creates completely new interpretations. When listening to Kendrick’s vocals over top, I can see myself riding with the top down in sunny California. Nas gave us that Brooklyn feel in the same way.

The deluxe IllKidMaticCity includes two brand new remixes “Sing About Me 1-Love” 
 and “B**** Don’t Kill My NY State of Mind.” In addition, Dilemma also added the instrumentals to all 5 re-imagined tracks and takes us behind the inspiration of making the project.

You can download the project and keep up with new releases at


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