Game Changer: Comcast Officially Announces Plans For New, 59-Story Skyscraper To Be Built In Center City Philadelphia

The new $1.2 billion tower, designed by the British “starchitect” Lord Norman Foster, will redefine Philadelphia’s skyline and will include a new Four Seasons Hotel on the upper floors. (Image courtesy Comcast)

Colossal news, Philadelphia. The city’s skyline is on the rise. Today, the Comcast Corporation and Liberty Property Trust introduced a massive plan for a brand-new, 1,121-foot tower to be constructed on the 1800 block of Arch Street.

A sister skyscraper to the Comcast Center, the Comcast Innovation and Technology Center will climb nearly 150 feet above its older sibling, which stands 975 feet tall.

Housed within the soaring structure, Comcast’s ever-expanding technology workforce will take up residence alongside new headquarters for both NBC10 and Telemundo, and a 220-room Four Seasons Philadelphia Hotel.

The $1.2 billion project is set to break ground this summer, with an opening projected for 2017.

Read on for more on what’s coming to the Comcast Innovation and Technology Center.

The Tower

A mixed-use space, the 59-story building will include Comcast offices, rentable office space, public space, restaurants and the new hotel.

Designed by architect Lord Norman Foster of Foster + Partners, the tower will span the entire block of Arch and include a block-long lobby with a glass-enclosed indoor plaza, which Foster has described as a “window on Philadelphia.”

Philadelphians will be able to take advantage of the space with a new ground-floor restaurant and concourse, which will provide direct access to SEPTA’s Suburban Station. The office portion of the building will occupy the lower 45 floors, with the hotel rising above.

When complete, the tower is anticipated to claim its place as the tallest building in the entire United States outside of New York and Chicago. Additionally, with the project seeking LEED Platinum certification, innovation in the building process can be assumed.

Plus, with its huge economic impact, the enterprise will be the largest private development project in the history of Pennsylvania. Whoa.

The Four Seasons Hotel & Top Floor-Restaurant

The Four Seasons Philadelphia has held court on Logan Square for more than 30 years, but with the construction of the new tower, the hotel will transition to new sky-high digs.

Housed on the top floors of the tower, the new luxury hotel will include more than 200 rooms, a spa, fitness facilities, event and meeting space, as well as — get ready for it — an exciting new restaurant located on the top floor of the building, offering awesome 360 degree city views.

During construction the Four Seasons will continue to manage its existing, iconic hotel at 1 Logan Square, and will assist the owner with a transition to a new brand.

Stay tuned for more on this incredible development for the city of Philadelphia.

We can’t wait to raise a glass to Comcast’s innovation on the 59th floor.

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Comcast to Expand Philadelphia Presence with Comcast Innovation and Technology Center [Comcast Voices]


Check out the video preview of the new tower.


Called the Comcast Innovation and Technology Center, the new tower will rise 1,121 feet making it the tallest building in America outside of New York and Chicago. (Image via Comcast)

In addition to office space, the Comcast Innovation and Technology Center will house a Four Seasons hotel, featuring more than 200 rooms. The luxury hotel will include world-class spa, fitness, event and meeting facilities as well as an exciting new restaurant located on the top floor of the building. (Image via Comcast)
Oh, did you say top-floor restaurant? Yes. On the very top floor, the 59th floor, there will be an amazing restaurant and lounge offering unbelievable 360-degree views of the entire city. This might be the best part. (Image courtesy Comcast)
Located on the 1800 block of Arch Street in Center City Philadelphia, the new tower will neighbor Comcast Center, Comcast Corporation’s global headquarters, and become a dedicated home for the company’s growing workforce of technologists, engineers, and software architects. (Image via Comcast)
A rendering of a hotel room at the new Four Seasons Hotel, which will be located on the top floors of the building, with a view looking out on the top of the existing Comcast Center. (Image courtesy Comcast)


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  1. I agree with Brian Whiting. I am stupefied that they could come up with such an imaginative interior, and such an annoying, boring, pointless, white rectangle extension just sticking up on the top, just so they can claim additional height. If they are so desperate to be the tallest building in the city, then BE the tallest BUILDING in the city. Don’t just stick a pole up there and call it a day. If they want to do that, then why not just stick a pipe up there a few feet higher than the stick and REALLY be the tallest? At least use some imagination and do something BEAUTIFUL with the thing that is going to dominate our city’s skyline for many years. Right now it just looks like the stick end of a pregnancy test. Consider the beauty and innovation of the Cira Center, or the originality of the design of the original Comcast building which looks like a thumb drive. This building should be truly beautiful and innovative. With all the endless architectural design possibilities, why not go for something totally delightful and different? What is with all the zig zags down the side? For a building costing over a billion dollars, the outside is a disappointment.

  2. do the occupants get corporate tax breaks (keystone opportunity zone), while I may have to pay more in real estate taxes for the school system?

  3. I am very excited about the new building. Why isn’t it taller? Is there a height limit or does it take special permission from city counsel{what a joke} to get these type of tall buildings approved? Once again, good going!!!!

  4. During the four years the first Comcast Center was being built, every morning I saw 100’s of Philadelphia’s best Union trades build this magnificent building. The steel workers, the electrical workers, pipefitters, carpenters. Now, they will have five more years of steady work. People in and around Philadelphia. will find the negative in anything. They were the ones leaving todays Eagles game at half time. Shame on you. If you have ever been in the lobby of the current building you would see why it’s only 59 stories and a 1,000. It’s called imagination. Plus, the rooms at the 30 year old Four Seasons were showing their age. Comcast stayed in Philadelphia. Bell Atlantic next door, on the corner of 18th & Arch changed their name and took their jobs south. It’s their money, be glad they are spending it here. Your bill goes up, just like Verizon goes up

  5. That’s fine, let’s just remember to keep giving props to Billy Penn. We’ll need to remove the statue of Penn from Comcast Center and put it on top of the new building.

  6. ….. so it will not be the tallest building in the US, in which case- no story here folks!!!! I was once the top student in my class with the exception of all the other students ahead of me.

  7. The U.S. Steel Building in Pittsburgh is 62 stories…And that’s between Chicago and New York…Need to do the research a little better

  8. Let’s not forget the 10 – 20 year tax abatement they will get for building this monster in Center City. Comcast has offices outside the Phila. limits and many of the workers are paid from these offices avoiding all Phila. payroll taxes. I do not see this helping the schools and or the crime rate when it is more or less another free ticket for Comcast and the taxpayers of Philly get to pay for it one way or another.

  9. the design looks old, I cant understand why condo’s werent added above the office portion of the technology bldg. which would have added more money to Comcast & the bldg. could of been another 120ft. to 150ft. taller instead of that spire, which is typical of a lot of new bldgs. today. thank you!

  10. Will half the employees who work in this new building come to work wearing Mets hats?

  11. Its hilarious that it is referred to as the tallest building in the U.S. Outside of New York and Chicago. The Eagles are the best football team in the NFC East outside of Dallas, D.C., and New York.

  12. CubaLinda this was the BEST answer ever….….. so it will not be the tallest building in the US, in which case- no story here folks!!!! I was once the top student in my class with the exception of all the other students ahead of me.

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