Roundup: The Best Pho In Philadelphia — Where To Get A Bowl Of Piping Hot Pho In Philly

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After publishing a roundup of our top picks for ramen in Philadelphia, we’re continuing the hot-bowl-of-noodles trend with a guide to pho in Philadelphia.

The decidedly delicious bowl of traditional Vietnamese soup is usually made with beef stock, noodles, veggies, spices and thinly sliced chicken or beef that cooks with the scorching broth.

Washington Avenue in South Philly, a traditionally Vietnamese enclave, is home to a slew of restaurants serving up enough pho to feed the entire city over and over again.

Beyond Washington Avenue, other neighborhoods across the city like West Philly, Chinatown and Kensington dish out bowls of pho made with a variety of ingredients.

Plus, with temperatures no higher than 32 degrees, it’s going to be freezing this weekend — all the more reason to indulge in a bowl of soul-warming pho.

Below we highlight some of the best restaurants for a bowl of pho. And for added visuals, we’ve included a few instagram photos from favorite pho spots around town.

Do you have a favorite spot for pho in Philadelphia? Let us know about it the comments below.

Pho 75: A local chef favorite, this pho spot was visited by none other than Anthony Bourdain when he stopped in Philly in 2012. Bourdain nursed a hangover at Pho 75 on Washington Avenue, but the shop is known for curing cravings for top-of-the-line pho perfect for any meal or any remedy. In addition to its location in a Vietnamese strip mall on Washington Avenue, Pho 75 also has a location on Adams Avenue in the Northeast. South Philadelphia and The Northeast.

Vietnam: Impossibly quick, surprisingly inexpensive and deliciously authentic, Vietnam, an 11th Street hangout, has been offering traditional fare such as crispy crepes, broken rice platters and steaming bowls of pho since the early 1980s. Chinatown

Nam Son: Nam Son, a lesser known spot in the Graduate Hospital neighborhood allows those who dwell West of Broad Street a quick pho fix for any hunger pangs. Graduate Hospital.

Pho Xe Lua Viet Thai: For affordable prices and good pho, why not pay Pho Xe Lua Viet Thai a visit? The menu is extensive and stretches beyond pho. Indulge in a Vietnamese sandwich or fried noodles as well. Chinatown.

Pho Ha on Washington Avenue in South Philadelphia.

Vietnam Cafe: Located in Cedar Park, Vietnam’s sister restaurant, Vietnam Cafe, serves up the same big flavor in a smaller space. Slurp up a variety of pho in addition to many other entrees. Cedar Park.

Pho Ha: For pho that is sworn to be delicious and authentic, look no further than Pho Ha. There is something for everyone, its menu boasts endless pho combinations. Take note, Pho Ha is a cash only eatery. South Philadelphia.

Pho Ha Saigon: Located on Oregon Avenue in South Philly, Pho Ha Saigon invites guests in for breakfast — yup, pho for breakfast is a staple — lunch or dinner and a wide variety of steaming pho. South Philadelphia.

Nam Phuong: Everyday from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m., Nam Phuong serves up bowls upon bowls of pho of all varieties. Pho options include chicken, steak, tripe and well done flank steak all ringing in at less than $6. South Philadelphia.

Thang Long Noodle Restaurant: Situated in Kensington away from most of the other pho restaurants, Thang Long Noodle Restaurant serves up yummy pho, noodle soups and other Vietnamese dishes. Want to spend as little as possible? No problem, enjoy the $5 meal specials from 2 to 6 p.m. Kensington.

Pho Ta Restaurant: Pho Ta’s menu is broken down into sections — for the beginners, just regular, the adventurer’s choice and special pho. There is even an option to create your own pho with choices as specific as the options for creating your own hoagie at Wawa. You can choose everything from what type of broth, how many noodles and the type of meat and vegetables you want in your soup. South Philadelphia.

Much more pho, below.

Le Viet: Le Viet in Bella Vista warms the soul with two types of pho and a lengthy list of cocktails to accompany the perfect-for-winter meal. Seeking something beyond pho? Choose from stir frys, Vietnamese clay pots and much more at this polished spot. Bella Vista.

Pho Cali: Located in the heart of Chinatown, head over to Pho Cali for some piping hot pho and a cup of bubble tea, a Taiwanese tea-based drink made with tapioca pearls. Chinatown.

Pho 75 on Washington Avenue.

Pho and Cafe Saigon: In addition to serving a great pot of pho, Pho and Cafe Saigon is also a favorite BYOB. Located in University City, bring a bottle of wine and enjoy speedy service and, of course, tasty pho. University City.

Pho Saigon: Located on the ever-bustling Columbus Boulevard, Pho Saigon dishes out more than 10 types of pho — rare steak, well-done flank steak, brisket and much, much more. Columbus Boulevard.

Mekong River: This Front Street pho spot specializes in satisfying customers all around. With three types of pho on the menu and a make-you-own option, there is no shortage of steamy soup at Mekong River. Pennsport.

Saigon Harbor: A haven in Havertown, Saigon Harbor serves up a chicken pho, beef pho and for the super hungry, a deluxe pho. Open everyday except Mondays, the pho restaurant is the place to go for top-notch Vietnamese fare in the suburbs. Havertown.

Pho & Cafe Anh Hong: Upper Darby’s Pho & Cafe Anh Hong brings more than a dozen bowls of pho to the menu seven days a week. Slurp up a piping bowl of pho at the Terminal Square restaurant. Upper Darby.

Do you have a favorite spot for pho in Philadelphia? Let us know about it the comments below.

Pho at Nam Son in Graduate Hospital.




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  1. You guys are missing the best Pho in the burbs! Pho and Beyond in Willow Grove is a relative newcomer but they have quite a following of regulars already. Their broth is unusually complex with big spices coming through and the same strong beef flavor that put Pho 75 on the map. Everything they make is fantastic but the Pho alone is worth the trip everytime. Get there early because they are always packed!

  2. You made it to Upper Darby but must not have know where to go. Little Saigon on Fairfield Ave has simple but fabulous pho, great service and quite possibly the best spring rolls in the city.

  3. Try Pho Palace in the far Northeast in the Bustleton section by County Line Rd. Best Vietnamese food in Northeast Philly. The pho is great and the beef stew is amazing

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