Super Bowl Video Interlude: The Philly Cheesesteak Shuffle

Philly looking good in a Super Bowl ad... The Geico Gecko does the Cheesesteak Shuffle at Pat's and Geno's. (Image via Geiko)

Geico made a Super Bowl ad and it featured Pat’s and Geno’s and Philadelphia’s beloved cheesesteak sandwich prominently.

Maybe not the best commercial we’ve ever seen, but we like it. And Pat’s and Geno’s are both looking really good.

We may even have to add the Cheesesteak Shuffle to Philadelphia’s Sandwich Hall of Fame now…

At the very least, it has us thinking about where to go to dig into a delicious cheesesteak today, and for that we recommend consulting Visit Philly’s Guide & Map of the Best Cheesesteaks in Philadelphia.

Meanwhile, as a bonus, the Cheesesteak Shuffle music video is below.

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The Geico Gecko does the Cheesesteak Shuffle in front of Geno's in a Super Bowl ad. (Image via Geiko)


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  1. ….there is a great cheesesteak, but it is in READING, Pa.
    …location is …16th and cotton, if you have time, please take a small trip. If you also, like sports cars, take a drive up to the mountain, we used to race up to the fire tower. it is interesting.

    another: comment please some of us, still use E-MAIL!

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