The Cambridge Celebrates The Winter Olympics With Its Beer Olympics Event, A Kick The Keg Competition Beginning On Friday, February 7

The Cambridge welcomes the Winter Olympics with a beer Olympics match-up, certain dates from February 7 to 22.(Image courtesy The Cambridge)

In celebration of the opening ceremonies of the Winter Olympics in Sochi on Friday, February 7, The Cambridge hosts a series of beer match-ups during the winter games.

Like the actual Olympic games, countries from around the world are slated to face off in competition. At The Cambridge, though, it’s just the brews that will compete with each other in a series of kick the keg competitions.

Beginning on Friday, February 7, support your favorite country (and beer!) by sipping draughts to help empty the keg.

To sweeten the pot, the competing beers on tap ring in at just $4 a glass — all the more reason to imbibe!

The first round of the competition kicks off with a match between USA’s Stoudt’s APA and Ireland’s Harp Ale on February 7.

On February 11, Russia’s Baltica and England’s Well’s Bombardier battle it out, on February 13 Canada’s Molson Original and Italy’s Peroni take the stage and on February 15, the first round ends with a match between Germany’s Bitburger Pils and Japan’s Sapporo.

The second round is slated for February 18 and 20 and the final round is slated for February 22.

The winning country will be announced on Saturday, February 22.

The Cambridge’s Beer Olympics
When: February 7-22
Where: The Cambridge, 1508 South Street
Cost: $4 per competing beer
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