1812 Productions Presents High-Spirited Political Comedy This Is The Week That Is, Starting Thursday, April 24

Philadelphia's all-comedy theater, 1812 Productions, returns with a perennial-favorite political comedy. (Image courtesy 1812 Productions)

Sure, it’s easy to poke fun at the absurdity of the political scene but 1812 Productions makes a real art of it with This is the Week That Is, launching at Plays & Players Theatre on Thursday, April 24.

The annual showcase is always a highlight of 1812’s season, and the way things have been going down in Washington D.C. lately, you can rest assured there’s no lack of material to draw from.

This year’s production adds an extra kick with a special musical parody that proves nothing clears up congressional in-fighting like a little Sondheim. There’s a fiddler’s rooftop tour of the shape-shifting Russian landscape, plus fresh insights on the Tea Party, Avenue Q puppet-style. A sketch about early hopefuls for the 2016 Presidential election is done to a Sounds of Philadelphia jukebox.

Local and state pols get the 1812 treatment, too, and so you know, this is an equal-opportunity presentation: Democrat or Republican, it makes no difference, you’re gonna get skewered.

The show is written and performed by local theater stars Jennifer Childs, Scott Greer, Dave Jadico, Aimé Kelly and Alex Bechtel, all of whom have worked on every production of this show to date. You can consider them This Is the Week That Is incumbents.

While there’s plenty of pre-set pieces, the material also draws on news and current events of the day, so no show is ever exactly the same. Some bits are even created during intermission. If you’re looking for fresh topical humor, it doesn’t get any riper than this.

Tickets, starting at $25 for the preview performances April 24 through April 29, are available online.

This Is the Week That Is
When: April 24-June 1
Where: Play’s & Players Theatre, 1714 Delancey Street
Cost: $25-$40
More info: www.1812productions.org



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