The Arden Theatre Company Presents Incorruptible, A Dark Comedy About The Dark Ages, May 22-June 22

The Arden Theatre Company continues its season with the dark comedy, Incorruptible. (Photo by Kristy Giballa for The Arden Theatre Company)

An all-star cast of some of Philly’s finest comedic actors is set to tickle your funny bone when the Arden Theatre Company presents Incorruptible, from May 22 through June 22.

Written by Michael Hollinger, one of the Arden’s most ardent collaborators, Incorruptible: A Dark Comedy About the Dark Ages tells the tale of a decrepit monastery in 13th century France that’s looking for a way out of old debts. Along comes a one-eyed con-artist who hatches a novel scheme for the monks to make money.

The con-artist convinces the monks to sell ancient relics with the intent of making the monastery a pilgrimage site. The gambit works — the only problem is, the relics are fakes.

Meanwhile, as the riches start rolling in the monks grow less austere in their ways and they even consider staging a death to create an “incorruptible” — which is a saint who is so holy that his or her physical remains do not deteriorate — in the hopes of luring the pope to pay them a visit.

Dark as the plot may be, it’s all done as broad farce, though there is an undertone concerning moral ambiguity that calls into question what really makes someone a saint or a sinner.

The cast features top-notch talent including Michael Doherty, Alex Keiper, Mary Martello, Ian Merrill Peakes and Josh Carpenter, all of whom are familiar faces on local stages.

Tickets, starting at $18, are available online.

When: May 22-June 22
Where: The Arden Theatre, 40 N. 2nd Street
Cost: $18-$36
More info:



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