Coming Attraction: Learn About The Largest Snake To Ever Roam The Earth At Titanoboa: Monster Snake At The Academy Of Natural Sciences, February 14-April 19

Academy of Natural Sciences
Learn about a 48-foot ancient snake at The Academy of Natural Sciences’ upcoming exhibition, Titanoboa: Monster Snake.
(Photo courtesy Academy of Natural Sciences)

Skeptics of the creepy crawly, be warned: The Academy of Natural Sciences is opening Titanoboa: Monster Snake, an exhibition about the largest snake to ever live, on Saturday, February 14.

The massive snake not only measured 48 feet, but it also weighed 2,500 pounds — big enough to kill and eat a crocodile. Remains of the giant snake, which ruled rainforests during the Paleocene era, were found underground in a Colombian coal mine.

In the exhibition, guests can come face-to-face with a full-scale model of a Titanoboa and crawl through the length of the snake in the Titanoboa challenge.

Live snakes from the museum’s collection will also be on display throughout the exhibition. Learn about snake’s venom, fangs and scales from Academy educators, and discover the important role they play in our own lives. Screenings of a Smithsonian documentary about the Titanoboa will round out the exhibition.

Opening weekend for the exhibition coincides with the academy’s Paleopalooza celebration, a weekend festival about dinosaurs.

Entry to the exhibition is an extra $3 in addition to the price of general admission.

Titanoboa: Monster Snake at the Academy of Natural Sciences
When: February 14-April 19
Where: The Academy of Natural Sciences, 1900 Benjamin Franklin Parkway
Cost: $3 Plus General Admission
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