Roundup: Where To Find The Best Bagels In Philadelphia

Philadelphia is a top-notch bagel town complete with Montreal-style bagels, New York-style bagels and one-of-a-kind takes on the food item...
Philadelphia is a top-notch bagel town complete with Montreal-style bagels, New York-style bagels and one-of-a-kind takes on the food item.

A good bagel is easy to find in Philadelphia, thanks to a fresh batch of bakeries and bagel shops turning out nosh-worthy goods.

The loop‑shaped bagel — the word means “bracelet” in German — is arguably the most famous food with Jewish origins in America, and has become a solid standard on bread menus all across the country.

Bagel purists will probably opt for the traditional plain water bagels, made by briefly boiling rings of risen dough, then draining, cooling and baking quickly to achieve that crusty golden exterior. These days, though, varieties other than the classic New York-style give bagel lovers tons of tasty options.

There’s something about the filling, doughy rounds that’s broadly appealing no matter the occasion — whether as a midnight snack after a long night, as a grab-and-go bite on a daily commute or as a full spread at a leisurely brunch.

Though New York bagels may claim fame, in the last year or so, Philly’s bagel scene has a significantly improved thanks to the additions of bagel specialists like Knead Bagels, High Street on Market, the Philly Style Bagels pop-up at Pizzeria Beddia and Chestnut Street Philly Bagels.

Read on for our guide to the best bagels in Philadelphia.

1. Knead Bagels

Washington Square, 725 Walnut Street. Owned by a husband-and-wife team, Knead Bagels is new to the city’s bagel scene as of November. The new shop deals in classic bagels and spreads and breakfast sammies, in addition to non-traditional bagels like a cardamom bagel with blood orange cream cheese. Bonus: It’s right across from Washington Square. Bagel picnic? Yes, please. MORE INFO

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Bagel with whitefish, anyone? Knead bagels covers bagels with a variety of tasty spreads.

2. Chestnut Street Philly Bagels

Rittenhouse, 1705 Chestnut Street. Offering the same top-notch New York-style bagels as its sister store, South Street Philly Bagels, the just-opened Chestnut Street Philly Bagels plates egg sandwiches, deli sandwiches and bagels topped with cream cheese. MORE INFO

Chestnut Street Philly Bagel
If breakfast isn’t your thing, Chestnut Street Philly Bagel plates a pastrami bagel sandwich with cheese, horseradish and more. (Photo by J. Wilson for Visit Philadelphia)

3. Philly Style Bagels at Pizzeria Beddia

Fishtown, 115 E. Girard Avenue. With a permanent brick-and-mortar shop in Fishtown in the works (targeting summer 2015), Philly Style Bagels currently operates out of pop-up at Pizzeria Beddia in Fishtown on most weekends. The bagel-makers call on a non-traditional process when making the bagels — the bagels are boiled in a mixture of water, beer and malted flavor. Take note, they aren’t at Pizzeria Beddia every weekend, so check the schedule on Twitter. MORE INFO

On most weekends, Pizzeria Beddia hosts Philly Style Bagels for a morning pop-up promising one-of-a-kind bagels (boiled in a beer mixture!). (Photo courtesy Philly Style Bagels)

More, below.

4. High Street on Market

Old City, 308 Market Street. High Street on Market is known for its delicious, well, everything, and its bagels don’t disappoint. The Old City spot plates four types of bagels during breakfast — plain, poppy, sesame and everything. MORE INFO

With classic flavors like everything and poppy, the bagels at High Street on Market are sure to satisfy.

5. Spread Bagelry

Rittenhouse, 262 S. 20th Street. Wood-fired Montreal-style bagels fill the menu at Spread Bagelry, a staple for breakfast and brunch in Rittenhouse. Enjoy egg sandwiches, lunch-meat sandwiches and classic bagels and spreads. Take note, on the weekends, Spread is BYOB. MORE INFO

Montreal-style bagels topped with everything from lox and cream cheese to bacon and eggs fill the menu at Spread Bagelry.

6. South Street Philly Bagels

Queen Village, 613 S. 3rd Street. Fill up on New York-style bagels (boiled and then baked) at South Street Philly Bagels, a family-owned bagel bakery. Choose from more than 20 kinds of bagels including French toast, veggie, everything and egg and cream cheeses that range from plain to jalapeño cream cheese. MORE INFO

A classic bagel and cream cheese is always a good idea.

7. Kermit’s Bake Shoppe

Graduate Hospital, 2025 Washington Avenue. Available only on the weekends, the doughy bagels at Kermit’s Bake Shoppe come in six varieties with four types of spreads available — plain, scallion, jalapeño jam and salmon dill. MORE INFO

Kermit’s Bake Shoppe serves up freshly baked bagels on the weekends. (Photo courtesy Kermit’s Bake Shoppe)

8. Schmear It

Roving. As the name states, the Schmear It food truck, specializes in schmears for its South Street Philly Bagels. The truck promises a number of signature schmears (s’mores, veggie delight and loxsmith!) in addition to a make-your-own option. The truck posts its weekly menu on its website. MORE INFO

Schmear It, a bagel food truck, specializes in tasty schmears of all sort, pictured here is the veggie delight schmear.

9. Famous 4th Street Delicatessen

Queen Village, 700 S. 4th Street. Known for its giant portions, Famous 4th Street Delicatessen’s bagels come served with everything from cream cheese (in a number of flavors) to lox and whitefish salad to lunch meats. MORE INFO

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The bagels at Famous 4th Street Delicatessen in Queen Village are packed with lovely toppings of all sort.

10. Metropolitan Bakery

Multiple Locations. Metropolitan Bakery dishes fresh bagels daily at its Rittenhouse, Reading Terminal, University City, Free Library and Chestnut Hill shops. Choose from three perfectly made varieties — plain, seeded and multi-gran. Bagels come topped with your choice of house-made cream cheese, eggs, bacon and more. MORE INFO

Choose from three types of fresh-baked bagels at all Metropolitan Bakery locations.

11. Le Bus Bakery

Multiple Locations. It’s easy to get your hands on a bagel from Le Bus Bakery, which has multiple locations (Rittenhouse, King of Prussia, the airport and Rosemont) in the area. All bagels are baked in-house in the morning and come in flavors like apple cherry walnut, onion and more. MORE INFO

12. Four Worlds Bakery

Cedar Park, 4634 Woodland Avenue. A West Philly staple, Four Worlds Bakery specializes in just four types of bagels and does them well. Stop by for plain, poppy, sesame and everything bagels topped with cream cheese. MORE INFO

13. New York Bagel Bakery

City Avenue, 7555 Haverford Avenue. New York Bagel Bakery guarantees New York-style bagels with no frills (read: no egg sandwiches). Visit this bagel bakery, located just off of City Avenue, for more than a dozen types of bagels including all of the classics — eggs, wheat, everything, onion, plain, poppy and more. MORE INFO


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  1. Philly Style Bagels is working on their brick and mortar – look for their new shop in Fishtown this coming summer! They will be right in Palmer Park, next to Steep & Grind off of Frankford Avenue.

  2. You guys left out a great place. Red house bagels on Bristol Pk makes delicious hot fresh bagels every day. They make sandwiches (pork roll egg & cheese on everything bagel is awesome), wraps, steaks, and have the best nova lox sandwich anywhere…

  3. Wow. Well, at least all had one store in Philly.

    Glad any place north of Vine Street expressway was shut out except for a pop up bagel maker.

    Seriously, get out more. Philly has other neighborhoods and other bagel shops that make their bagels there.

  4. I’m not sure why you would include places like metropolitan bakery. They do not boil their bagels.

  5. How could you skip over Schlesinger’s??? Their bagel platters and fish are outta this world, plus you’ve got unlimited helpings from the pickle bar!

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