Tangle Movement Arts’ Tell It Slant Blends Aerial Acrobatics With Theater, Dance And Spoken Word, March 12-14

Tangle Movement Arts, an aerial circus performance group, debuts it’s latest high-flying show at Christ Church Neighborhood House, March 12-14. (Photo by Mike Ermilio courtesy Tangle Movement Arts)

Traditional circus arts are the springboard for an exhilarating show about interpersonal relationships when Tangle Movement Arts presents Tell It Slant at Christ Church Neighborhood House, March 12-14.

Billed as a feminist cabaret, Tell It Slant features nine women who blend aerial acrobatics with dance, theater and spoken word to explore issues of female strength and identity.

The acts are daring and dramatic. Scenarios include seven women dancing up and down a rope at a crowded party, two friends tossing each other into the air, and a scorned woman who goes on a wild trapeze ride to exact revenge on the world.

Tangle’s performances celebrate individuals of diverse identities, with an emphasis on queer and female experiences.

With Tell it Slant, its adventuresome acrobatics are an entertaining vehicle to depict the ways in which people can be supported, lifted high or be left hanging.

Tickets, starting at $15, are available online.

Tell It Slant
When: March 12-14
Where: Christ Church Neighborhood House, 20 N. American Street
Cost: $15-$20
More info: www.tangle-arts.com



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