Walnut Street Theatre Presents One Of The World’s Best Thrillers, And Then There Were None, On Stage Through April 26

Walnut Street Theatre
Ensemble of Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None, which continues at Walnut Street Theatre through March 10-April 26.
(Photo by Mark Garvin)

Mystery Writer Agatha Christie’s greatest masterpiece will keep you in suspense from start to finish when Walnut Street Theatre hosts And Then There Were None, running through Sunday, April 26.

Based on Christie’s best selling book of the same name, the play tells the tale of ten strangers who are lured to a remote island by a mysterious host. Although each person is invited for a different reason, every one of them has gotten away with murder.

After all of the guests have arrived, there is a suspicious death. Unable to leave the island, they’re trapped.

To make matters worse, the host informs them, via a recording, that they’ve been brought there to pay for their crimes.

As time moves along, the guests are killed off one by one. Those who remain try to figure out who is picking them off.

A suspenseful thriller, this renowned whodunit continues to reel you in as you wonder who is the murderer, and who will be the next the next one to go.

Tickets, starting at $20, are available online.

And Then There Were None

When: Through Sunday, April 26
Where: Walnut Street Theatre, 825 Walnut Street
Cost: $20-$65


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