Exclusive: Full Vendor List Announced For Philly’s First-Ever Cheesesteak Festival

The Philadelphia Cheesesteak Festival arrives Saturday, October 24. Be there. (Photo by Visit Philadelphia)

UPDATE: The Cheesesteak Festival is sold out. No tickets will be available at the door.

Here in Philly, cheesesteaks are a civic icon.

Sure, the cheesesteak is essentially just a sandwich, but the Philadelphia cheesesteak is also a tourist draw and a cultural obsession.

That’s why we’re psyched for this fall’s first-ever major Cheesesteak Festival to hit Lincoln Financial Field on Saturday, October 24.

With cheesesteaks from more than 50 vendors, the construction of a an enormous record-breaking cheesesteak and a cheesesteak eating competition, the festival will be an all-out extravaganza devoted to the celebrated Philadelphia sandwich invented by Pat Olivieri in 1930.

Complete Cheesesteak Vendor List Announced

With the festival hitting South Philly in just three weeks, the official cheesesteak vendor list has been released and it does not disappoint.

The lineup includes some cheesesteak juggernauts, including Pat’s, Geno’s, Tony Luke’s, Steve’s, Philip’s, Joe’s, Shank’s Original, Donkey’s and over 50 more.

See below for the official vendor lineup.

The World’s Largest Cheesesteak

In a feat truly befitting Philadelphia’s first-ever cheesesteak festival, the world’s largest cheesesteak will be built on site.

A 450-foot cheesesteak will be constructed just for the festival, and and we’re happy to announce that the name of said gigantic sandwich will be the VISIT PHILADELPHIA™ World’s Largest Cheesesteak Built by Steve’s Steaks and Amoroso’s!

15% Off Tickets With Code WITVISITPHILLY

Tickets range from $20 to $60 per person — $20 for general admission, which is just access to the festival or $40 for “Wit” admission with 10 cheesesteak samples and a T-shirt. Note, the “Works” tickets have now sold out.

Now, we have a deal for you: When purchasing tickets online, use code WITVISITPHILLY to score two “Wit” tickets for 15 percent off each ticket ($34 instead of $40 per ticket).

Here’s how to snag the deal:

• Click right here to purchase festival tickets online.
• Unlock the offer code by clicking “Got an Offer Code?” and entering WITVISITPHILLY.
• Select two “Wit” tickets; discount only applies to one pair of “Wit” tickets.
• Discount will appear after clicking “Find Tickets,” prior to checkout.
• Proceed to checkout with the $34 per ticket deal (service charges applied at checkout).

Where to Find the Best Cheesesteaks in Philadelphia

In addition to cheesesteak-eating good times, the festival will also include drinks, shopping, live entertainment, carnival games and much more.

Philadelphia has never really had a massive cheesesteak festival, so this October event ought to be epic.

In the mean time, check out this list of where to find the Best Cheesesteaks in Philadelphia and see below for some lip-smacking cheesesteak shots for a little visual appetizer.

Philadelphia Cheesesteak Festival at Lincoln Financial Field

When: Saturday, October 24, 11 a.m.-5 p.m.
Where: Lincoln Financial Field, 1 Lincoln Financial Field Way
Cost: $20-$60; Use code WITVISITPHILLY for 15% off 2 “Wit” tickets SOLD OUT — No tickets will be available at the door


Dalessandro’s Steaks **Just Added!**
Pat’s King of Steaks Geno’s Steaks
Tony Luke’s Cheesesteaks Steve’s Prince of Steaks
Philip’s Steaks Shank’s Original Pier 40
Donkey’s Place Joe’s Steaks and Soda Shop
Oregon Steaks Chubby’s Steaks
Philly’s Finest Samboni’s Vince’s Cheesesteaks
Wit or Witout Nick’s Roast Beef
Lee’s Hoagie House Allied Foods
Astra Foods Original Philly Cheesesteak
Jay’s Steaks and Hoagie Joint LaSpada’s
Hunt’s Annex Lounge Cuisine 365
Fat Jacks BBQ The Pierogie Kitchen
Affamato’s I Don’t Give a Fork
Twenty9 Seoulfull Philly
Little Beef’s Deli Jeremiah’s Mobile Concessions
Capozzoli Catering Philly IT
Ma & Pa’s Tex Mex BBQ The Grilled Cheese Truck
Pete’s Famous Pizza Delco’s Original Steaks and Hoagies
OOO Catering Railroad St. Bar and Grill
Gaetano’s Hamilton Cheesesteakissimo
Grubaholic’s Philly Tony Baloney’s
Jersey Mike’s Firepit Pizza
Vegan Commissary Bradley’s Cheesesteaks
Humpty’s Dumplings Jo Family Catering
Antney’s Grub Grilladelphia
Samwhich Reggae Reggae Vibes

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More good-looking cheesesteaks, below.

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  1. Too bad. Del Rossis makes the best cheesesteak in Philadelphia and I’ve had them all for over 40 years. Del Rossis!

  2. If Pats Genos and Tony Lukes are involved it is a BOGUS CHEESE STEAK FESTIVAL…. they are the worst you can get!!!

  3. No delasandros? ? Wow and everyone raves about them?? I think they suck. Guess that why they are not involved!!

  4. No Ishkibbels or Jims? What kind of festival doesn’t include them. Pats & Genos are for the tourist & tony lukes i threw out it was so bad.

  5. These are tourist philadelphia cheesesteak spots not real philly cheesesteak no Jim’s, delsandros, Max’s, I was going to attend but not anymore.

  6. No John’s Roast Pork (yep their cheesesteak kills it) wow. At least Chubby’s make an appearance. With this list u can pretty much stop reading after the PFS/Vince’s line.

  7. Max’s at Germantown & Erie near Temple Hospital
    and Delassandro’s on Henry near Phila University and So. Street’s Ishkibibels is ” MISSING OFF THE LIST OF BEST STEAK SHOPS IN PHILLY”!!

  8. Is this the cheesesteak festival that American Heritage Federal Credit Union is presenting?? If so you can win a pretty sweet Indian scout motorcycle while you’re there. I got to see the finished product and I highly recommend checking it out!

  9. I’m a Jersey girl. Once I saw Gaetano’s on the list. I want a ticket now. That’s the best cheese steak ever. Holla if you hear me.

  10. Jim’s 62nd St – the one and only “original” Jim’s is the best on planet earth, end of story.

  11. What laspadas? There are about a dozen of them in Delco and they all say they are the orginal. Can laspadas be orginal and come up with a new name.

    The 3 philly chains are touristy so they have to be there but they know they are only good after 2 AM otherwise tony Luke geno and pats are awful like throw up in your mouth

  12. Philly cheesesteaks is not just about cheese whiz. It’s about the chef cooking your steak and using only amoroso bread. Genos, Pats, Tony Luke’s are tourist attractions. The best steak spots are in the neighborhoods. Most people will say they have the best cheesesteak depending on where you grew up in the city. Dellasandros, is the best hands down, and I live and grew up in West Philly. Next will be Max’s on Erie Ave. followed by Paganos on Ogontz… If your ever in Philadelphia I encourage you to venture out into the real Philadelphia neighborhoods and less time in Center City South.

  13. I agree, Pat’s and Geno’s are for the stupid tourists. Their cheese steaks are junk. And Jim’s isn’t on there. What a joke!

  14. The vendor list can take a deep breath….BERWYN PIZZA is not represented. BP WITHOUT A DOUBT, THE BEST.

  15. It’s a shame Johns Pork and Jims Steaks didn’t wanna kick up the 5k that everyone else did to be a part of this great event, looks like Oregon Steaks and Phillips are going to steal the Show!! By the way anyone could have entered but some like Jims are just so cheap and arrogant knowing that people will continue to pay 10.00 for a sandwich didn’t think it was worth joining the community in a great event celebrating the sandwich we are known for and proud of.

  16. This is a crime against the Philly cheesesteak. You’re completely misrepresenting the best cheesesteaks that Philly has to offer. If John’s Roast Pork, Jims and Dallesandros aren’t participating then the purpose of this festival is mute. This is not where you will taste the top steaks in the city. Tourist trap.

  17. DELASSANDROS is awesome, I’m a little disappointed they aren’t gonna be there. Growing up in jersey Gaetanos is a staple and I haven’t had one of their steaks in a minute glad they are going to be there. I’m gonna a be there and it’s gonna a be the shir, Johnny big D loves cheeaesetaks

  18. I wish everybody stop asking where Max’s and Delassandro’s are on the list and why they aren’t listed. They don’t have to compete with these folks. They are good well known uptown/Roxborough established places. They know their worth and they need to be right where they are getting money while the rest of these folks are in south Philly giving away their trashy steaks for free or at a discounted price. Lol fools Hmmph ????☕

  19. Hi Aja,

    Thanks for reaching out! The offer seems to be working for us. Did you try following these steps?

    • Click right here to purchase festival tickets online.
    • Unlock the offer code by clicking “Got an Offer Code?” and entering WITVISITPHILLY.
    • Select two “Wit” tickets; discount only applies to one pair of “Wit” tickets.
    • Discount will appear after clicking “Find Tickets,” prior to checkout.
    • Proceed to checkout with the $34 per ticket deal (service charges applied at checkout).

    It may be easier to follow these steps on a desktop computer, not on your phone. Does this help? Thanks!

  20. Pat’s and Geno’s are for tourists who don’t know any better. I would hate for someone to visit Philadelphia and try a cheese steak for the first time and have one of those and go away thinking that’s what it’s supposed to taste like. They would never come back for another and they wonder what all the hoopla was about.

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