Philadelphia Breaks Ground On Bartram’s Trail, A 1.1-Mile Addition To The City’s 300+ Miles Of Circuit Trails

Bartram's Trail
Greater Philadelphia’s multi-use trail network, the Circuit, meanders along the Schuylkill River bearing more than 20,000 runners, walkers, bikers and commuters every year. Soon, that trail will extend even further to connect the region. (Image courtesy Andropogon Associates)

In its continued quest to make Philadelphia a phenomenal place to live, the City of Philadelphia has officially broken ground on Bartram’s Trail.

This new, 1.1-mile stretch will expand the pedestrian-friendly Schuylkill River Trail, which will now stretch from Grays Ferry Avenue to 56th Street.

The $6-million section of path will connect Southwest Philly residents with the Schuylkill River Trail, increase access to parks and greens spaces, and make it easy to explore Bartram’s Garden, the nation’s oldest botanical garden. Whether you’re interested in running or cycling, days with the family or romantic evening strolls, expect to experience Bartram’s Trail starting next fall.

The trail will also serve as an important link in the Circuit Trails, Greater Philadelphia’s multi-use trail network. One of America’s largest trail networks, the Circuit currently includes more than 300 miles of completed trails and will ultimately comprise 750 miles across nine counties in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Bartram’s Trail is one of many planned development projects along the Schuylkill Banks. Construction of a proposed Schuylkill Crossing at Grays Ferry is expected to begin this coming summer, to be completed in fall of 2017, with Bartram’s Mile Trail on one end and Grays Ferry Crescent Trail on the other.

For more renderings of the comings-soon Bartram’s Trail, see below.

Coming Soon: Bartram’s Trail

When: Fall 2016
Where: Schuylkill River Trail in Southwest Philly

One of many planned construction projects that will bring more activity to Schuylkill Banks south of the South Street Bridge, Bartram’s Trail is scheduled to be completed next fall. (Image courtesy Andropogon Associates)

Like the rest of the Schuylkill Banks trails, Bartram’s Trail will be landscaped with lawns and trees. (Image courtesy Andropogon Associates)
The new section of the trail will provide a more direct connection to the Schuylkill River. (Image courtesy Andropogon Associates)
Bartram’s Trail will extend the mixed-use access along the Circuit Trails, further connecting more than 300 miles of trails in the region.(Image courtesy Andropogon Associates)


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