The Academy Of Natural Sciences Opens Tarantulas: Alive and Up Close On January 30

From January 30 through May 30, the Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University exhibits a remarkable exhibit of arachnids.

Did you know that there are roughly 900 species of tarantulas? Or that these arachnids live in habitats ranging from rainforest treetops to arid deserts? Learn about these facts and many more at the Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University’s newest exhibit.

On January 30, ANSP opens Tarantulas: Alive and Up Close, a brand new interactive exhibit that puts visitors head-to-head with nearly 20 species of live tarantulas.

This exhibit sheds new light on these fascinating eight-legged creatures, unveiling the hidden world in which tarantulas live. Engaging videos, bright graphics and entertaining activities appeal to visitors of all ages.

Kids can participate in fun games like a themed scavenger hunt or play dress up, all while learning about science.

Get up close and personal with more than 20 types of spiders at the Academy of Natural Sciences. (Photo courtesy Outhouse Exhibit Services)

As a special treat, at 11:45 a.m. every Saturday and Sunday, the museum’s official tarantula keepers will take an arachnid out of its enclosure and lead an exciting, spider-related discussion.

Access to Tarantulas costs $5 per person, in addition to the cost of general admission ($17.95 for adults; $14.95 for seniors, students and military; $13.95 for kids). Tickets are available online now. This exhibit closes on Monday, May 30.

Tarantulas: Alive and Up Close at ANSP

When:January 30-May 30
Where:The Academy of Natural Sciences, 1900 Benjamin Franklin Parkway
Cost:$5 per person in addition to the cost of general admission; $17.95, adults; $14.95, seniors, students and military; $13.95, kids


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