Independence Mall To Welcome A Brand-New 40,000-Square-Foot Attraction In 2018

The Faith and Liberty Discovery Center explores the important role of the Bible in America's past, present and future...

In 2018, Philadelphia’s Historic District will welcome an exciting new attraction: the Faith and Liberty Discovery Center. Spearheaded by the American Bible Society, the museum will explore the impact the Bible had throughout the nation’s founding, its important role for the future and its influence on our nation’s leaders and citizens.

Fast Facts

  • The Faith and Liberty Discovery Center will open in fall 2018
  • The discovery center will focus on the important role the Bible has played in history and its role in the future
  • The attraction will be located at 5th and Market streets

The Faith and Liberty Discovery Center will span 40,000 square feet of the first floor of the Wells Fargo Building, which is located at 5th and Market streets.

The inclusive attraction will use immersive technology and historical artifacts to showcase the Bible’s role throughout the country’s most tumultuous and most exciting times. Guests will have the opportunity to learn how the Bible impacted slaves in America, soldiers, Civil Rights activists, 9/11 first responders and more. Guests will also learn about the profound but often overlooked impact the Bible had on our Founding Fathers’ decisions and daily lives.

American Bible Society
(Image courtesy American Bible Society)
In 2018, a 40,000-square-foot attraction that focuses on the impact of the Bible on American history will open on Independence Mall.

One of the most interesting artifacts to be featured in the museum is the first Bible ever printed in America, the Aitken Bible, which was printed right on Market Street. The space will also be home to a copy of Helen Keller’s treasured Bible.

Philadelphia is the new home of the American Bible Society as well as this coming-soon attraction due to the important role religious freedom played during the city’s inception. William Penn, Philadelphia’s founder, was a strong advocate for religious freedom. He also believed in the power of religious diversity and tolerance in Philadelphia.

Folks of all faiths are encouraged to visit this groundbreaking site. Stay tuned for more on this exciting addition to Independence Mall.

Faith and Liberty Discovery Center

When:Fall 2018
Where:5th and Market streets


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  1. Shameless! The Founding Fathers did. It. Relieve in the revelations of the Bible……they were Deists. Do your homework

  2. Who is behind this propaganda machine. More bible-toting nut jobs no doubt. Fact vs. Fiction and fiction once again rises to the top.

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